As another week over level 5 restrictions lies ahead of us, I (Lyndsey) am proud to be going into it having received my first dose of the COVID vaccine yesterday. Being a healthcare professional we are able to receive them earlier in order to protect both ourselves and those that we treat (YOU!).

I had the Pfizer vaccine and thankfully have only had a minor sore arm with no other side effects whatsoever. Aren’t we fortunate to live in an age where a vaccine (several, in fact) can be developed so swiftly and effectively for a virus that has wreaked devastation worldwide? I do hope that, when your turn comes, you consider having the vaccine for the same reason I did – to protect yourself as well as those that you come into contact with and care about.

Just a reminder to you that we REMAIN OPEN, despite Martlesham leisure being closed to their gym members. To come see us, you won’t come into contact with anyone else and we continue to follow our protocols to keep you safe and well. For those who are shielding or unable to get to us for whatever reason, we are still doing online consultations with great success.

Who do you know that would benefit from our services? Who is suffering with unnecessary pain or struggling to get timely care on the NHS? If you forward our details onto someone and they have an appointment and mention your name, expect a reward!

Have a good week and take time to do something that you enjoy.

Best regards,

Lyndsey and Jimmy Reynolds

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